azra adenwala
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- type exploration / bookmaking -

"Sirens", the poem that serves as a prelude chapter 11 of Ulysses is extremely haphazard in the manner that it has been written. In order to visually represent the essence of the poem, I decided to literally compose a sheet of music with the words of the poem acting as musical notes in themselves. The final product is an accordian style book with 5 layers. Each layer of the book holds one aspect of the design. The first sheet holds the interrupted narrative, the second holds the main narrative, the third holds the musical symbols, the fourth holds the ‘bars’ or the line breaks while the fifth and final opaque piece of paper holds the musical sheet itself. While each layer seems haphazard on its own, when it all comes together, it begins to reveal a story. 

Fall 2015
SAIC, Intermediate Typography